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600W LED Bi-color Spotlight

This LED Spotlight is up to 600W.
It is also equipped with a standard lampshade.
After installation, it can avoid excess light and make
the light more concentrated. Custom control fills the light
allowing you to easily and easily shoot the desired results
Each side
Power of 600w
3 1太阳
Outstanding color
CRI 97+
3 7双色温
Color Temperature
DMX an interface
3 4特效
Scene lights
8 Lighting Modes
手机 1
Smart connectivity
GVM Control APP
3 6联控
Save time and effort
Joint Control

APP Intellgent

Control System

App intellgent control system,
Whitch can be controlled by your intelligent
mobile phone device.

High CRI lamp Beads

The light can be adjusted steplessly,with one COB lamp bead, and a color
rendering index of 97+,dual color temperature 2700~7500K,which helps
restore and enrich th color of the object,providing you with natural and
vivid shooting effects.

180° Rotation

It supports 180°rotation
which can effectively control the light

8 kings of lighting scenes

This mode provides 8 white light modes:
lightning,CCT cycle,broken bulb,TV,paparazzi,explosion,breathing light.
B 闪电 lightning
B 蜡烛 candle
B 坏灯泡 broken bulb
B 呼吸灯 breathing light
B 狗仔队 paparazzi
B CCT循环 CCT cycle
B 呼吸灯 breathing light
B 电视 TV

Source Matching Mode

Light source matching mode:This model has 12 different styles of light
source types to choose
7. 短弧氙气灯

180° Rotation

It supports 180°rotation
which can effectively control the light

3 heat dissipation modes


GVM-SD600D is the ultimate color powerful LED dual spotlight
Power up to 600W with standard lampshade.
After installation, the light can be too strong, so that the light can be concentrated.
Easily control the fill light, allowing you to shoot the desired effect on the spot.
Features robust construction and efficient update capability
Therefore, it can provide stable and consistent high output for a long time in the long-term output.
And GVM-SD600D has a light and compact design
The size itself weighs 293x275x160mm, originally 3.8kg
One of the most common features of its kind, suitable for use on most trips.

High quality two-color temperature lamp beads

GVM-SD600D has a wider range of color temperature than conventional spotlights
2700K~7500K dual color temperature stepless control, I wish you a good shot
CRI 97+ restores the true colors of beauty and has more realistic color reproduction
Make the captured picture more vivid, the color of the characters is more realistic, and the texture of light and shadow is better
Cool and warm two-color mode, let your works have more color imagination, and make creative videos easily
Consuming only 600W of power, it produces a bright, daylight-balanced, uniform scene, about the same as the equivalent output of a 4000W+ tungsten lamp.

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Powerful primary color COB lamp beads

The upgraded SD series adopts the latest high-quality COB LED lamp beads specially developed for the photo and video industry
Delivers impressive ultra-bright, sun-like balanced output from a single 600W COB LED lamp bead.
High color rendering index up to CRI 97+
This enables accurate color rendering on-camera, the most realistic reproduction of object colors.
In order to obtain professional results, it also provides you with natural and vivid shooting results.
It can ensure that the color layout in the matrix system and the CCT mixing in the beam area are uniform without color separation.

Thousand step dimming accuracy

The adjustment range of SD600D brightness is 0.1% – 100.0%, and the user can adjust the brightness accurately to 0.1%;Finer.dimming accuracy can provide smoother dimming process and more accurate color; With the new algorithm model of GVM, the light intensity can be adjusted step by step, and the dimming process can be completed quickly and smoothly.


Dimming curve

GVM-SD600D has four dimming curves (linear/logarithmic/exponential/S curves) to be selected to meet the technical requirements of studio devices, such as TV news and entertainment production sets. High standard and professional light control technology is also the best choice for variety shooting and movie making

Constant power 600W

Conventional Bi-color temperature spotlights use two different lamp beads to adjust the color temperature, which results in different powers for different color temperatures. The color temperature power in the middle is often high, and the power is low when the color temperature is low and the color temperature is high. Makes the brightness of different color temperatures different. SD600D has upgraded the algorithm. While adjusting the color temperature of the two lamp beads, it will also automatically calculate the appropriate power, so that the power of different color temperatures is consistent. While adjusting the color temperature, it also keeps the brightness unchanged. In the case of maximum brightness, the constant power of 600W can be kept unchanged

流明参数GVM SD600D

CCT mode

White light color temperature adjustment mode, adjustable light intensity and color temperature. CCT (Related Color Temperature) mode allows accurate color temperature adjustment from a comfortable warm color of 2700K to a dark sky blue of 7500K to match any lighting conditions, such as warm shades of a terrible sunset, cool shades of bright sunlight in summer, or blue moonlight in a clear, dark sky. The green/magenta correction function in CCT mode allows fine-tuning matching with other HMI, LED or fluorescent lamps or accurate color balancing for different camera sensors.


Light Matching Mode

This mode offers 12 different light source types and saves a lot of adjustment time when you need a particular light source

White light effect mode

This mode provides eight white light effects: lightning, CCT cycle, candle, bad light bulb, TV, paparazzi, explosion, breathing light


APP intelligent control system

SD600D has mobile phone Bluetooth APP control function
Lights can be controlled via smart mobile devices
Search APP “GVM_LED” from major APP stores or manuals
One or more SD600D devices can be controlled simultaneously.
The APP can also control the lighting effects.
This saves a lot of time and effort when operating multiple SD600Ds in the field


Using the built-in industry standard DMX-512 interface, the gvm-sd600d can be integrated into more complex studio installations that require standardized remote control methods, such as news sets, talk shows or entertainment production. The unit is equipped with two xlr-3p DMX ports (input / output loop) that allow the panel to be connected to the DMX lighting console.

Gvm-SD600D provides DMX control mode with 8bit precision and 16bit precision.

DMX 512

Intuitive user interface

GVM-SD600D uses an intuitive panel control interface to operate the lights quickly and easily. The digital display displays all the useful information for the user to adjust and customize the desired values.

Three large selection knobs can be easily handled (even with gloves) to fine-tune required parameters.

Excellent excellent brightness

High power 600W LED video light.
Brightness under bare bulb: 60000lux/0.5m, 19000lux/1m
With standard lampshade brightness: 320000lux/0.5m, 130000lux/1m
An ultra-high color rendering index of 97+ helps restore the truest colors.
And can enrich the cold and warm light and provide the most natural light perception.
Make this luminaire suitable for studio and large-scale film crews on-site use.
Provide you with vivid shooting effects and provide users with a hassle-free experience

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180° Rotation

GVM-SD600D can rotate 180° while shooting
Not only can you design the lighting effect you want
It can also effectively control the light dispersion
In the scene theater, movie theater, short video shooting, live broadcast, etc.
You can quickly adjust to the light effect you want

With battery board adapter

SD600D with battery board adapter
As long as it is plugged in, it can be powered by a V-type battery.
It is convenient for photographers to fill in light for outdoor shooting.
Powerful 600W COB LED Lamp Beads
Create stable and efficient continuous output optical resources.
Make your photos or videos brighter than you expect and without the flash.
Built-in high-definition digital display for easy access to dimmable parameters
Used to display useful information such as brightness value, battery level, DMX channel number and radio channel for remote operation