6 Tips to Take More Unique Photos

Generally, when we get into photography,  we can find a lot of skills through various channels, but if you want to learn more, you can refer to this blog:

1、Always be ready

It is not possible to leave the camera in the hotel. So the most important thing is to carry your camera with you at all times. If you think the SLR camera is too big, you might as well buy a compact digital camera, or an M4/3 camera. However, they are too greedy and take pictures of everything in front of them via diffuser panel light, hoping that they can see what they see as well as themselves. Even a Canon 5D Mark II wouldn’t do anything in a hotel room. In addition to bringing a camera, but also to always be ready to shoot.

2、Refuse to follow the crowd

Have you ever encountered a situation where a lot of people grab the same location, at the same location, from the same angle, and take the same photo at some tourist attractions through LED video light panel. It doesn’t take much effort to find different shooting angles – you can climb up, find angles from the side and below, or bring other photographers into the frame. I think it’s more creative to shoot like this than photos taken from the most common angles and locations.

3、Search & Network

This is a globalized world. Search for the most popular photos of a city or place, and you can try to imitate them or add your own creativity. It would be too dull to use horizontal composition  for each photo produced by best light for selfies shooting.These sites are also a great forum to reach out to other photographers. They know some fantastic filming locations that no one knows about, things that are hard to know by exploring on their own.


It’s worth taking some risks. We have to consider a simple risk/reward calculation. Do you really want to photograph that angry butcher at the market? What’s the worst possible situation you could face after filming? Is it worth your risk? When people shoot, they usually look for lighting for filming.  I’m very good at urban exploration and I’m very careful when going into abandoned buildings, climbing on roofs or cranes. This is important when traveling or encountering different situations. Usually, the more risk you take, the better your photos will be.

5.Get out of the way

There is nothing wrong with tourist attractions. However, it is increasingly difficult to capture unique photos at attractions. Fortunately, getting out of the way isn’t difficult, it’s as simple as getting out of your hotel, wandering around town, walking a few extra kilometers to the other side of the beach, or exploring some lesser-known places. Get out of the box, even just a little, and you’ll have a more unique and memorable experience; and of course, some better photos.


Remember, when you arrive in a new place, experience another culture first, the people there and the city, and photography should come second. One of the ways I stay inspired is to do some volunteer photography. You may come across some sporadic opportunities along the way, or get in touch with NGOs, charities or other organization. When I pick up the camera again, I feel more energized.

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