Aesthetics of photography composition

What is composition? Photographic composition was first transformed from the compositional form of fine art painting. In photography  creation, there are many factors for the quality of a photo, among which the composition is one of the indispensable factors.

When the photographer picks up the camera and prepares to shoot, all the judgments made by the brain before pressing the shutter, such as how to frame the scene, how to arrange the position of various elements in the scene, what kind of shooting angle to choose, etc.

When we shoot with a camera, it is the process of recording the real world seen by the photographer with the camera. In this process, we need to make a reasonable layout of the scene in the picture, so that the content the photographer wants to express and the overall picture form a structural form, so that the theme of the picture is clear and the photo has artistic appeal.

1、Nine palace lattice composition

Divide the picture into 9 blocks on average, and arrange the main body position at the four corners of the center block, which is also a form of the golden section.

This composition can present the change and dynamic, the picture is full of vitality. These four points also have different visual perceptions. The top two points are more dynamic than the bottom, and the left side is stronger than the right side. When shooting this composition, you need to pay attention to the problem of visual balance.

2、Cross-shaped composition

Divide the picture into four parts, and draw two vertical and horizontal lines through the center of the picture. The intersection point is the position of the subject.

This composition method makes the picture feel safe and stable, but also has a sense of peace, solemnity and mystery, and the picture of my colleagues is also a bit rigid. However, it is suitable to express symmetrical composition, such as the expression of ancient architectural themes, which can produce a central perspective effect. Such as the embodiment of mystery, mainly in the cross, church and other photography. Therefore, different themes use different expression methods.

3、Triangle composition

Triangle composition can be regular triangle composition, inverted triangle composition, oblique triangle composition, and some are irregular triangle composition. Triangles are stable, and the same is true of using this composition method when taking pictures. Triangular composition can form a stable triangular structure in the picture, and each subject is connected with each other.

The subject expressed in the picture is placed in a triangle, or the image itself forms a triangle. This composition is a visual induction method. If it is formed by a shape, there is also a triangular shape formed by a shadow. If it is a naturally formed linear structure, the main body can be arranged at the center of the hypotenuse of the triangle to make a breakthrough.

The characteristic of the equilateral triangle composition is to produce a sense of stability, on the contrary, the inverted triangle composition is unstable and highlights the sense of tension. It can be used for photography of different scenes such as close-up people, buildings, close-ups, etc.

4、Rule of thirds composition

In the composition of photography, the horizontal and vertical directions of the picture are equally divided into three parts, and the intersection of the lines is called the center of interest. When shooting, the subject is arranged at the four intersections of the dividing lines or any one of the dividing lines. When we are looking at a photo, our eyes are preferentially drawn to the center of interest. It can represent large spaces, small objects, and can also be selected in reverse.

When using the rule of thirds composition, you can also place the scene at the golden section line, so that it will be more beautiful visually, such as buildings or the horizon. In fact, many SLR cameras, including some card cameras, have a built-in composition guideline function. When this function is turned on, the camera will automatically add a compositional guideline in the viewfinder to help us compose the picture. The rule of thirds is applicable to both horizontal and vertical frames. Arrange the subject and accompanying body according to the rule of thirds, and present a clear picture with a concise composition.

5、S-shaped composition

The S-shaped composition gives full play to the sense of grace in the picture, reflects the beauty of the curve, shows the sense of extension and rhythm, and presents the rotation and twists and turns of the form. It is also a composition form that is used more in artistic creation. Especially when expressing rivers and roads, the S-shaped composition has a strong dynamic effect, agile and stable.

The S-shaped composition has a clear visual guide for the image of the picture, and the “S”-shaped curve seeks to echo and connect, echoing end to end. It can be used to express the subject matter, and the best effect of long-range aerial photography, such as natural ups and downs of mountains, rivers, regions, etc., can also express the curve arrangement changes of many human bodies, animals, objects, and various natural and artificial forms. In general, the S-shaped composition extends from the lower left corner of the screen to the upper right corner.

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