Create the perfect lighting combination – GVM benefits and combined applications

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In photography and film creation, lighting is one of the most important elements. The GVM brand leads the way in the development of lighting technology with a range of outstanding lighting products. This article will highlight the advantages of the GVM-PRO-SD300B, GVM-YU300R and GVM-BD45R lamps and explore how they can be used together for best results. With the right combination and use, photographers and filmmakers can create stunning lighting effects that enhance the quality and visual impact of their work.

The advantages of GVM-PRO-SD300B The GVM-PRO-SD300B is a high-quality COB spotlight with outstanding performance and features. Its advantages are reflected in the following aspects:

1, high color rendering index: GVM-PRO-SD300B uses a high color rendering index CRI 97+ and TLCI 97+ light source, which can restore the true color of the subject to be photographed, providing a delicate and true lighting effect.

2, rich dimming and color temperature adjustment: GVM-PRO-SD300B supports accurate dimming and color temperature adjustment, ranging from 2700K to 6800K, which can be flexibly adjusted according to the needs of different shooting scenes.

3, a variety of lighting effects: the lamp built-in a variety of lighting effects, such as lightning, stroboscopic, explosion, etc., to provide creators with more creative expression.

Two, the advantages of GVM-YU300R GVM-YU300R is a full-color RGB lamp with rich color control and creative effects. Here are its advantages:

1, full color RGB control: GVM-YU300R uses full color RGB lamp beads to achieve accurate color control and create a rich variety of lighting effects.

2, a variety of scene modes: the lamp built-in a variety of scene modes, such as lightning, candles, alarms, etc., can simulate the special light effect under different scenes, increase the creativity and expression of photos and videos.

3, APP intelligent control: GVM-YU300R supports intelligent control through mobile phone APP, convenient and quick adjustment of brightness, color temperature and special effects and other parameters, to achieve more accurate lighting adjustment.

Three, the advantages of GVM-BD45R GVM-BD45R is a portable soft light, suitable for close-range lighting and fill light. Here are its advantages:

1, soft and uniform light: GVM-BD45R adopts high-quality soft light panel, can produce soft and uniform light, reduce glare and shadow, and bring natural and delicate light and shadow effect to the subject.

2, light and portable: the light weight, small size, easy to carry and use. Whether it is indoor or outdoor shooting, it can meet the needs of photographers.

3, dimming and color temperature adjustment: GVM-BD45R supports accurate dimming and color temperature adjustment, which can be detailed lighting control according to shooting needs.

Best combination of applications:

Combination 1: GVM-PRO-SD300B as the main light source, providing bright and true lighting effect; GVM-YU300R as auxiliary light, through RGB control to create a rich and colorful background light; The GVM-BD45R is used to fill the light and soften the shadow part of the subject.


Combination 2: GVM-PRO-SD300B as the main light source, adjust the color temperature and brightness, provide accurate and realistic lighting for the main body; GVM-YU300R is used to create lighting effects for special scenes to increase the creativity of the works; The GVM-BD45R is used to fill and soften light for a soft and balanced overall lighting.


The GVM-PRO-SD300B, GVM-YU300R and GVM-BD45R are an outstanding group of lamps, each with unique advantages and features. Through a reasonable combination of applications, photographers and film producers can give full play to the advantages of these lamps and create impressive lighting effects. Whether it is commercial shooting, portrait photography or film production, this combination of lamps will bring outstanding visual impact and creative expression.

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