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Are you tired of using low lighting when taking photos and videos? GVM’s new sd80d Full color High brightness video stick light! These lights are a game changer for photographers and videographers, not only offering enhanced color rendering and brightness, but also giving you the flexibility to customize the color temperature to suit your needs.

But why do you need high brightness lights? Well, low light can cause photos/videos to be blurry, noisy and grainy, high brightness lights eliminate this problem and you can capture clear images/videos even in low light environments.

GVM’s SD80D lights are also incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of Settings, such as live streaming, broadcasting, theatrical production, outdoor content creation, and more. They are portable, can use dual power supply mode, and are easy to set up and control.

Benefits of using GVM's new sd80d lights

GVM’s new SD80D full-color high-brightness video stick lights are making waves in the photography industry with the promise of improved color rendering and brightness, adjustable color temperatures, and versatility in different Settings. But the question is, what makes these lights stand out? Let’s dive into the benefits of using GVM’s new sd80d lights and how they meet industry needs.

Enhanced color rendering and brightness: One of the main benefits of GVM’s sd80d lamps is their enhanced color rendering and brightness. These lights offer a high color Rendering index (CRI) 97+ and a TV Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI) 97+, which means the colors will be accurate and true to life, and the brightness will be consistent. With this precision, photographers can be confident that their images will look stunning with minimal post-processing.

Tunable color temperature: Another benefit of these lights is their tunable color temperature, they can adjust the temperature from 2700K to 7500K, so that the atmosphere and mood of the shooting can be creatively controlled, and the photographer can switch between warm and cold light at the touch of a button to adapt to different shooting environments.

Versatility in different Settings :GVM’s sd80d lights are versatile and can be used in different Settings, and they are lightweight and portable, making them ideal for location shooting. In addition, their small size allows them to be used in tight Spaces, such as small studios or indoor locations. With dual-color and RGB modes, these lights can be used in a variety of scenarios, from photography and videography to live streaming and gaming.

Long battery life and easy charging: The SD80D can be powered by dual batteries, supports the SONY F970 and F750, lasts up to four hours on a full charge, and is powered by DC power for quick and easy shooting, a feature that is especially useful for photographers who need reliable lighting.

Easy control and setup: Finally, these lights are easy to control and install, and they come with a wireless remote control to easily adjust brightness, color temperature and color Settings. In addition, they can be mounted to a tripod or lamp stand with 1/4 inch threads, making setup a breeze.

Conclusion :GVM’s SD80D full-color high-brightness video luminaries have enhanced color rendering and brightness, adjustable color temperature, versatility for different Settings, long-lasting battery life, and ease of control and setup. These advantages make it an ideal choice for photographers and shutterbugs when it comes to livestreaming, and GVM lights take the guesswork out of lighting so photographers can focus on creating stunning images.

Compare with competitors

When it comes to video lights, GVM’s new SD80D full-color high-brightness lights are truly in a league of their own, but how do they stack up against the competition? Compared to other GVM models, the SD80D lamp offers enhanced color rendering and adjustable color temperature, making it the first choice for photographers and videographers.

Compared to similar brands, the GVM-SD80D lamps stand out for their long battery life, easy controls, lightweight body, and versatile applications in different Settings, and they offer great value! It is clear that GVM’s SD80D video lights are the way for anyone looking for high quality lighting that can handle the needs of a variety of industries.

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