Explore the advanced controller of GVM: to release the infinite possibilities of creativity

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This blog will take you deeply into the GVM-PRO-SD650B innovative controller, controller as the right hand of this light, to bring users a broader creative space and convenience. Through the controller, the user can adjust the color temperature, dynamic light effect at any time, and even convert the control to APP, etc. At the same time, the controller also has the function of using a single or two V port battery power supply. Let’s explore the number of features of this advanced controller.

1. Free control that breaks through the fuselage limit

In photography and film and television creation, light control is a crucial part. The GVM-PRO-SD650B controller offers the free control experience that breaks through the limits of the body. No longer limited by the buttons and knobs on the light body, through the controller, the user can adjust the various parameters of the light anytime and anywhere, to achieve accurate light and shadow control. This brings a broader creative space and possibilities for the creators.

2, multi-function performance: arbitrary creation

The GVM-PRO-SD650B controller is not only fully functional, but also supports a variety of lighting effects adjustment, so that users can create as they want. Color temperature adjustment is one of the highlights, users can easily adjust the color temperature of 2700K~6800K, to create a light effect suitable for different scenes. In addition, the controller also has 12 dynamic light effects, such as lightning, breathing lights, strobe, to bring creators more creative lighting possibilities.

3, intelligent control: the APP heart control

In addition to operating on the controller, control of GVM-PRO-SD650B can be performed via APP. This means that users can control their lights anytime, anywhere, through their phone or tablet. Whether it is remote control or needs fine adjustment, the APP can meet the needs of users. This intelligent control method not only improves the convenience of operation, but also increases the flexibility of creation.

4, convenient power supply: V port battery companion

The convenience of the controller lies not only in the operation mode, but also in the way of power supply. The GVM-PRO-SD650B controller can be powered by a single or two V-port battery, without worrying about the limitations of the power socket. This is undoubtedly a great convenience for outdoor shooting scenes or scenes without a power outlet, bringing more flexibility and freedom to the creators.

The GVM-PRO-SD650B controller is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the lighting, which releases users from the limited control of the body, bringing broader creative space and convenience. Whether through the buttons on the controller, or through the intelligent APP, users can adjust the parameters of the light at will, creating delicate light and shadow effects. At the same time, the convenient power supply method also provides more convenience for the creators to shoot. Thanks to GVM’s innovative design, which makes our creative journey even more exciting!

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