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GT-J80D Pro

At GVM , we are devoted to helping those who have video-making needs to create terrific videos , by bringing easy-to-use and affordable camera gears . Wehave a strong passionate team , especially our manager being a senior photographer video-maker himself . We believe that no matter you areprofessional or an amateur , new or experienced , everyone has the possibility capability to realize your creativity with ease , anytime , anywhere .
1 铝合金
Aluminum alloy
Smooth mute
3 有线遥控器
Remote controlled
4 自动往返
Automatic trip
Tracking Shooting
120 Degrees Panorama
Time-Lapse Shooting
8 稳定
Stable and Anti-Shake
9 防滑
10 相机
Compatible with all cameras
11 承重
Incline support up to 45° and 2.5 kg
12 脚 1
Adjustable Legs
13 手动
Can be hand-controlled
14 包
Light to wear
15 1
2 6

Support Multiple Shooting Modes

Automatic trip

Set the start and end points at will. Set the motor torque at will. Slip speed (1% -100%) Slip interval (0.1-999.9) stoptime (0.1-999.9) photo Number (1- 1000) auto loop.

Tracking Shooting

Set the start and end points at will. Set the motor torque at will. Slip speed (1% -100%) Slip interval (0.1-999.9) stoptime (0.1-999.9) photo Number (1- 1000) auto loop.

120 Degrees Panorama

Adjust the guide bar oblique from lower left to upper right to create a panoranic shot.Tracking object movements up to 120 degrees is very useful for interviews, videos, weddings.

Manual & Automatic

Shooting modes can be manually or auto set up, creating a special trail time-lapse photography. Available to set the object to track with camera, camera will follow the object. Making your filming easier.

Time-Lapse Shooting

After setting the key points,you can enter the”Time Lapse Setting”, then set the various parameters you need.You can set various parameters for time-lapse shooting directly on the remote control, no need for another remote.
Slip speed:1%-100% Slip interval:0.1 -999.9 Stop-time:0.1-999.99 Photo number :1 - 999 Auto loop:Yes or No If you want the camera platfrom pause at every ABCD keyframes,and you should set A as the start point,D as the end point.

Remote control

After the sliders with all fittings are installed, you can set various parameters for time-lapse mode, video mode or make time-lapse shooting shutter setup by the remote controller.
When using Time-lapse photography , you can check the remaining number of shots.
4 4

Well-thought-out right down to the smallest detail

Multi-level Adjustment

Adjustable foot design to ensure the Dolly Track could be work on the horizontality

Compatible with various devices

Universal slider plate with a 1/4"" threaded hole to hold most DSLR cameras. (Even comes with a 1/4"" to 3/8"" screw) Easy matching of various accessories.

Convenient Power Supply

4400mAh Built-in high capacity battery offers longer working time up to 5 hours.

Ultra silent step motor

Ultra silent step motor driving technology, you will get the precise positioning with accurate shots. The electric camera slider is working with whispered sound, provide you a silent photography environment.

Carbon Fiber Slider

Motorized camera slider is made of carbon fiber , that make It more stable and anti-shake, make sure to provide stable video and clear photography pictures convenient.

Strong load bearing

This belt-driven slider can be used in horizontal as well as tripod-mount inclined setups, with up to 11 lb cameras supported horizontally.
5 6
6 6
8 6
9 5
10 3
11 1

2 sizes available





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