GVM-1200D 50W Bi-Color+50W RGB 3lamp-led Video Light kit
GVM-1200D 50W Bi-Color+50W RGB 3lamp-led Video Light kit
GVM-1200D 50W Bi-Color+50W RGB 3lamp-led Video Light kit
GVM-1200D 50W Bi-Color+50W RGB 3lamp-led Video Light kit
GVM-1200D 50W Bi-Color+50W RGB 3lamp-led Video Light kit
GVM-1200D 50W Bi-Color+50W RGB 3lamp-led Video Light kit
GVM-1200D 50W Bi-Color+50W RGB 3lamp-led Video Light kit
GVM-1200D 50W Bi-Color+50W RGB 2lamp-Video Light
GVM-1200D 50W Bi-Color+50W RGB 2lamp-Video Light
GVM-1200D 50W Bi-Color+50W RGB 2lamp-Video Light
GVM-1200D 50W Bi-Color+50W RGB 2lamp-Video Light
GVM-1200D 50W Bi-Color+50W RGB 2lamp-Video Light
GVM-1200D 50W Bi-Color+50W RGB 2lamp-Video Light
GVM-1200D 50W Bi-Color+50W RGB 2lamp-Video Light
GVM-1200D 50W Bi-Color+50W RGB 3lamp-led Video Light kit
GVM-1200D 50W Bi-Color+50W RGB 2lamp-Video Light
GVM-1200D 50W Bi-Color+50W RGB 2lamp-Video Light
GVM-1200D 50W Bi-Color+50W RGB 3lamp-led Video Light kit

GVM-1200D 50W Bi-Color+50W RGB 3lamp-led Video Light kit


Number of Lights: 3-Light Kit

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Total Price: $863.00

Product Overview


GVM-1200D is a new multi-functional mode RGB Video Panel Light including an RGB Light Panel and a Power Supply Adapter. The light front is also equipped with a 4-sided folding page to focus the light’s divergence direction. It is also equipped with a bright acrylic lampshade board to make the light softer. You can use two independent NP series lithium batteries or a DC15V/4A power adapter to supply power.

With APP intelligent control system, in APP mode, you can use Bluetooth to connect to APP, you can control the light through your smart mobile device, you can freely switch them between CCT and HSI and 8 scene modes on the APP, and you can also customize the storage scene mode that you need. In the APP, you can achieve stepless color adjustment, dimming, stepless RGB and Bi-Color adjustment, brightness/color temperature/hue/color purity can be controlled at your will, and most importantly, it can also be controlled online through multiple lights to make output synchronously. This makes it very convenient to apply to all kinds of studio live broadcast, studio lighting shooting, etc. You can choose the scene mode output that suits you according to different environments. The provided portable carrying bag can hold the light and power adapter, making it easy to carry.

High power photographic lamp

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Bi-color & RGB Output Ways

The first mode is where the color temperature is between 3200K and 5600K. The second mode allows you to adjust the hue output and color saturation of red, green, and blue from 0% to 100%. which means it can output a variety of colors to meet any needs.

Lamp bead soft light protection board

1.In daily use, there is a protective plate to protect the lamp beads from damage due to collision. It can protect itself when some large studios are put together with other lamps.

2.The protection board has its own soft light function, so that your eyes won’t be tired when you look at him for a long time

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Innovative Patent 60 degree plug-in lamp bead

1.With a 60 degree plug-in lamp bead, the light of the lamp may be brighter, and the irradiation distance will be longer than the ordinary flat panel lamp on the market.

2.The arrangement of RGB light beads is more dense. In RGB mode, the brightness is upgraded and the shooting area is increased. It can also play an excellent brightness in large scene mode

Lamp bead life

The specially developed lamp beads have a long service life, with a service time of more than 80000 hours under normal environment, far ahead of competitors

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Scenes Modes

Upgraded RGB video lights, It supports 8 kinds of special lighting scenes to enrich your shooting environment, including

1.Lightning                          5. Party

2.Cop Car                           6. Disco

3.Candle                             7.Bad bulb

4.TV                                    8.Paparazzi


App Intelligent Control System

The video light is equipped with a Mobile App control function, download the GVM app in major app stores (such as Apple Store/ Google Play. Etc. ) Convenience to control the accurate color and temperature you need. Effective for your video shooting.

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Aviation aluminum alloy back plate

And the light shell is made of high-quality red aluminum alloy, which makes it efficient in heat dissipation. There is also a GVM LOGO on the light back, which will shine under the light

There is F550-F750-F970 universal battery interface on the back, which can support the needs of outdoor shooting. When shooting indoors, it is equipped with power cord for use

Ultra high color rendering index

This RGB Video Light is equipped with 928 pieces of high-quality, CRI 97+ LED Lamp Beads, power is 50W

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1200D 4.26

2 multi lamp joint control modes

1.You can manually set one lamp as the main control mode and other lamps as the controlled mode on the control panel of the lamp, which can control up to 120 lamps.

2.If the lights are far away from you, you can use the mobile app to control them. Just set the main control light to app mode and other lights to controlled mode, you can remotely control up to 120 lights from a long distance.

Key Features

  • Scenes Modes
  • Lamp bead life
  • Bi-color & RGB Output Ways
  • App Intelligent Control System
  • RGB 1200D support 2 multi lamp joint control modes
  • Innovative Patent 60 degree plug-in lamp bead

In the Box

GVM-1200D RGB Video Light Bi-Color Soft Panel Light 3-light-kit

3 x GVM-1200LS RGB LED Video Panel Light

3 x Power Supply Adapter

3 x Power Cable

3 x Light Barn Door

3 x Light Stand

1 x Carrying Case

1 x User Manual


Additional information

Number of Lights

3-Light Kit

64 reviews for GVM-1200D 50W Bi-Color+50W RGB 3lamp-led Video Light kit

  1. 5 out of 5

    Ellie Thoughts

    Play Video
    I needed some good strong constant lights for video and Photogrpahy shoot and I found GVM creating these constant lights that are powerful (50w) but also have good color options.

    I¡¯m using them mainly for shoots but also sometimes atmospheric set up when hosting company.

    I liked the easy and fast set up process for the light and it¡¯s mobility (battery optionally).

    I still didn¡¯t figure how to use the app to control them separately but I know it¡¯s an option.

  2. 5 out of 5

    benjamin edwards

    As I continue to build out my light kit, I’m looking for the most versatile pieces I can find-always striking the balance of cost and quality. This kit was intriguing to me in that I knew I could (via the very solid GVM app) gang them together to create a nice booklight for scenes, or use them separately for a hair light/kicker or ambient.

    I ordered the product and received it in a very timely manner-it’s always nice to receive something on a Sunday.

    immediately, you’re greeted with a well constructed padded case that holds the three stands, power supplies and instruments-comfortably. I always dislike bags and cases that “almost” have it right. This works great for general use. I’m going to see if it will fit in my large Pelican case on its side for travel work. While the kit does come with instructions I found that within a couple of minutes I had the lights all up and working, very intuitive and the app, unlike others I’ve used, seems bulletproof with no drops in connection and quick, flawless connections upon firing everything back up.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Outdoor Enthusiast | Geek | Photographer

    Our studio’s business has expanded a bit and we purchased an additional set. Our original review for the 2-pack is the same as for this 3-pack.

    I had been a professional photographer since 2008 and retired six years ago to focus on being as good of a father to my children as possible. That did not mean hanging up my cameras. I still use them to photograph my kids as they grew through the years.

    Towards the end of my photography career, I traded my bulb/umbrella setup for a RGB LED based lighting system instead, primarily for the lighter weight, more compact size, and battery portability. As a bonus, I liked the ability to control the lights via a Bluetooth-connected smartphone app without having to interrupt my shoots with the infant/toddler kids.

    RGB LED lights allow you to simulate and color-correct certain lighting conditions. From cool daylight (5600 Kelvin) to warm sunsets (3200K) and control over the intensity, hue, and saturation of the lights, the variety of scenes you could use this light kit with is quite open ended. The trick, as always with photography or videography, is to understand how light works and to use that to your advantage.

    The GVM 1200D is a very nice upgrade over its predecessor with over 3.5x the number of RGB LEDs, providing more consistent, smooth control of the intensity, color, hue/saturation of the produced light. A built-in diffuser helps cast softer shadows and make skin look more flattering on the subjects.

    Like its older model, the lights can be set as Master and Slaves so all the lights can be controlled together through the Bluetooth-connected “GVM LED” app (available on both iOS and Android). It also has the same amount of “lighting scenes” (8) that are activated through the app, though their use cases are limited to special occasions.

    The new, red-colored coating of the aluminum frame makes it stand out (compared to the black of its predecessor), and that could potentially cause a small, red color cast on the subject in certain shooting situations. I would have preferred that GVM kept everything black, but this is just a minor concern.

    60W AC adapters power the lights, while the LEDs themselves are rated to output 50W (up from 40W of previous models). They can also be battery operated with Sony F750/970 batteries (not included) for on-location shoots anywhere outside for that perfect, low-light shot or video footage. Brightness, according to GVM, is rated at 22,000 lux at 0.5m (1.6′) or 7,300 lux at 1m (3.3′). What does that mean? Lux is the intensity of light at a specific location away from the source. The farther away you travel, the lower the Lux rating, whereas the Lumen (light intensity) remains unchanged. In other words, these lights produce an intense amount of luminosity that can produce enough to fill an entire room.

    The lights’ panels direct where the light should go and also help minimize spill onto the surrounding.

    Impressive still is the lifetime warranty with a 3-year, full refund guarantee. That is just unheard of and shows that the company had been standing behind its products (and why I had been a fan of GVM for years.)

    The light stands fold relatively compact and are quick to deploy. The light frames can be mounted to the stands in two ways to accommodate different lighting angles.

    When you finish a shoot, be sure you always turn off the lights. You do not want to leave them on and accidentally cause a fire.