GVM PRO Series COB lights: movie grade full color high brightness video lights

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In the photography and video production industry, lighting is one of the most important elements. As a well-known brand of photographic lighting equipment, GVM continues to introduce amazing and innovative products. The newly launched GVM PRO series COB lights can be called the movie high-brightness video lights, it not only uses the RGB/ two-color temperature hybrid design, but also has excellent color rendering effects and a wide range of applications, in this article, we will learn more about this exciting lighting equipment.

Powerful color performance and high color rendering index GVM PRO series COB lights are known for outstanding color performance, it uses a mixed two-color temperature design, can provide 12 dynamic lighting effects. Whether it’s film production, advertising or YouTube video shooting, this lighting equipment can meet the needs of various scenes. More importantly, it has a high color rendering index CRI 97+ and TLCI 97+ to ensure accurate reproduction of the true color of the subject

This high color rendering index means that GVM PRO series COB lights can provide more true and accurate color reproduction, so that photographers can better control the color effect during the shooting process, whether it is shooting people, products, food or scenery, you can present a richer and more vivid picture through this light equipment.

The versatile products of GVM PRO series COB lamps are widely used in many fields and become the ideal choice for photography needs of various industries. Whether it is auxiliary shooting photography, advertising shooting, YouTube video shooting, or live studios, wedding photography, creative portrait photography and other fields, this lighting equipment can provide excellent lighting effects, bringing more creative possibilities for photographers and creators.

In the film and television crew shooting, the GVM PRO series COB lights can be used as auxiliary lights to supplement the main lighting equipment, providing more lighting options and flexibility. In advertising, its ability to express color can help create stunning and impressive visual effects. For YouTube video filmmakers, the high brightness and lighting effects of the GVM PRO series COB lights make their videos more appealing.

In addition to professional photography and film and television industries, GVM PRO series COB lamps are also suitable for live studios, wedding photography, creative portrait photography and other fields. In the broadcast room, this lighting equipment can provide uniform soft lighting, so that anchors present better results for wedding photography and creative portrait photography, GVM PRO series COB lighting effects can help photographers create unique plano dazzling image works.

GVM PRO series COB lights support APP intelligent control function, through the mobile phone APP can easily adjust the light brightness, color temperature, color and other parameters, to achieve accurate control. In addition, it also supports the compatibility of DMX console and Bluetooth network control to achieve the effect of multi-lamp control. This provides the team with a more convenient and efficient workflow, saving time and effort.

Through the intelligent control function, the photographer can adjust the lighting parameters in real time according to the specific needs, and with the help of manual adjustment of the lamps, the work efficiency is improved. The multi-light control function enables photographers to control multiple GVM PRO series COB lights at the same time when shooting large scenes or requiring multiple lighting angles and effects, ensuring the consistency and coordination of lighting effects.

GVM PRO series COB lamp photography audience is mainly photographers, cinematographers, broadcast anchors, wedding and studio and other professionals, professionals in their work need high-quality lighting equipment to achieve excellent GVM PRO series COB lamp high color rendering index, versatility and intelligent control function Settings become their ideal choice.

There are a large number of photographers and creators abroad, and there is a corresponding demand for high-quality lighting equipment in various countries. The excellent performance and wide range of applications of GVM PRO series COB lamps will bring unlimited creative potential and unique lighting experience to these users.

The GVM PRO series COB lamp is a cinema high-brightness video lamp with excellent color performance and a wide range of applications. Whether professional photographers or creative people, this lighting equipment adds a unique lighting effect to their work. Through the intelligent control and joint control function, the team can more easily operate and adjust the lighting parameters, and improve the efficiency of work. The GVM PRO Series COB lights will be a highlight of the photography world in the United States and European countries, bringing users an external viewing experience.

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