GVM Pro Series COB Lights: The ultimate solution for full-color, high-brightness video lights

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Application of GVM Pro-SD series COB lamp

GVM’s Pro-SD series of COB lights provide the ultimate solution for full-color, high-brightness video stick lights, and they are incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide variety of applications such as video logging, product photography, and video production.

Taking video recording as an example, GVM’s Pro series COB lights are the perfect tool for capturing sharp shots, and whether you’re making a makeup tutorial or shooting a travel video, these lights will enhance your visuals and make you stand out. No more grainy or blurry shots! If you’re a product photographer, you know how important good lighting is.

GVM’s professional line of COB lights provides strong, consistent lighting that will bring out the best in the product. Whether you’re photographing jewelry, clothing, or furniture, these lights will help you showcase your products in the best light possible.

Of course, GVM’s professional series of COB lights are ideal for video production, whether you’re shooting a music video or a short film, these lights will help you create stunning visuals that capture your audience’s attention, they’re perfect for both indoor and outdoor shooting, and the adjustable color temperature and brightness controls make them extremely easy to use.

In conclusion, GVM’s professional series of COB lights is a must-have tool for any photographer or videographer looking to take their work to the next level. They are versatile, powerful, and very easy to use. So why settle for sub-par light when you can have the best?

User experience

While researching the GVM Pro-SD series of COB lights, we received many positive comments from professional photographers and videographers. One user mentioned that the lights were a game changer for portrait photography. The full-color mode of the GVM Pro series COB lights offers a variety of colors to choose from, allowing users to create unique tones in photos.

Another user praised the GVM Pro-SD series COB lights for their adjustable height, color temperature range of 2300K to 6800K, and brightness range of 1% to 100%. A digital display on the back allows users to adjust Settings accordingly. The GVM Pro series COB lamps are also highly praised for their portability, and their small size makes it easy for photographers to shoot and use them in any environment.

One user mentioned how she took these photos on the beach and was amazed at how well the lights performed, and on a personal level, the GVM Pro Series COB lights have exceeded our expectations. We were able to enhance our portrait photography by using full color mode, and adjustable brightness and color temperature make it easy to create the perfect photo.

These lights are also very portable and easy to use, making them the perfect addition to our photography gear. It is clear that the GVM Pro-SD series COB lamps are highly respected in the photography and videography community, and their versatility, portability and performance make them a must-have for any photographer or videographer looking to improve their craft.


GVM’s professional series of COB lights are the ultimate solution for full-color, high-brightness video stick lights, and with their advanced features, they are quickly becoming a favorite of photographers and videographers. From video recording to video production, the Professional range of COB lights offers the perfect solution for all your lighting needs.

Its excellent user experience and first-class quality make it the first choice for professionals, so if you are looking for a reliable and high quality lighting solution, choose GVM’s Professional series COB lights and they will not disappoint you!

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