GVM’s new portable bag set: Join hands to create a new realm of outdoor shooting

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This blog will give you a detailed introduction to the new GVM-SD80D bag set, which replaces the traditional box packaging with a new design for portable bags, and focuses more on portability and easy transportation. Let’s take a look at this innovative product that brings a new and convenient experience to your outdoor shooting.

1, portable bag set: take you to a new era

The GVM-SD80D abandons the traditional box packaging and launches a new portable bag set. This new design is designed to make it easier for photographers to carry lamps and related accessories, especially for outdoor shooting scenes. The GVM-SD80D bag features a compact design with an industrial gray palette that complements the GVM’s theme. It is not only stylish in appearance, but also very practical, providing you with a convenient way to store and transport.

2. Portable storage bag with high portability and easy transportation

The GVM-SD80D bag set is designed to make it easier for photographers to carry lights and accessories when shooting outdoors. With a compact design, the size of the bag is about 38.5cm long, 21.7cm wide and 15.7cm high, which is ideal for portable carrying or flat in the rear trunk of the car. Whether you’re traveling to outdoor locations or across the city, this portable bag provides you with comprehensive protection against shocks and bumps to keep your lamps and accessories safe.

3, high-end EVA material: environmental protection, health, durable and strong

GVM-SD80D portable bag set is made of high-end EVA material, the material is non-toxic and tasteless, environmental health, for your health and safety escort. At the same time, this material is very durable and strong, which can effectively protect the internal lamps and accessories from external shocks and damage. No matter how complex the shooting scene you are going to, the GVM-SD80D portable bag provides you with full protection for your lighting equipment.

4, the interior space is sufficient to meet your needs

The interior of the GVM-SD80D pack is designed to accommodate a single light, a standard cover, and a power cord. The other side of the bag is also designed with mesh pockets for small accessories such as cables, small wireless microphones and small filters. No matter what accessories you need to carry, the GVM-SD80D Bag has the flexibility to meet your needs.

5. Convenient transportation to meet the shooting needs of outdoor creators

The GVM-SD80D portable bag set is designed to meet the shooting needs of outdoor creators. It can be carried in a hand or transported flat, making it easier for you to shoot outdoors. Whether it’s a field photo shoot, an advertising shoot or a commercial shoot, the GVM-SD80D bag is your go-to assistant, allowing you to focus more on the shoot itself during the creative process, without worrying about the transportation of lighting equipment.

The GVM-SD80D new portable bag set is the GVM brand’s innovation for commercial shooting. Its compact design and high-end EVA materials keep lights and accessories safe, while ample interior space and mesh pockets provide photographers with more storage space. Whether you are a professional photographer or a photography enthusiast, the GVM-SD80D Bag set will meet your shooting needs and take you to a new era of outdoor photography!

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