How To Identify The Quality Of LED Spotlights

The light in nature is scattered aimlessly and has no direction. The same is true of the light sources invented in the early days of human beings, which spread from a luminous point to the surrounding. Later, people added a cover to the light source, and the light had direction and irradiation range according to people’s intentions. Street lights and table lights are typical applications for controlling the direction of light. Of course, this is only a simple control of the direction of light. Until the emergence of LED spotlights, the control of light can really be done according to human intentions. Therefore, LED spotlights are becoming more popular in modern continuous lighting, and the application scenarios are becoming more popular and complicated. LED spotlights are the most widely used now. Due to the confusion in the LED market and the lack of understanding of LED video lights, there is a lack of methods for how to tell the quality of LED spotlights. Below, I will share with you 3 methods to identify the quality of LED spotlights.

The shape of the spot, as the light of the LED spotlight projected on the plane, is the first standard line for identifying the light quality of the lamp. The excellent light spot directly improves the excellent visual experience of the item. The appeal spot is clear, and the extended fill light is more natural. The LED panel light distribution of the reflector is uniform, the center intensity gradually weakens outward, while the halo is natural and comfortable, which is a more comprehensive light spot effect. The light distribution is uneven, serious dark spots appear, the light utilization rate is low, and the performance of the illuminated items is poor. The halo border has multiple shadows, the light spot is rigid, and the stray shadow and virtual shadow are obvious.

The color rendering index, referred to as the CRI for short, is the color rendering ability of the light source to the object, usually referred to LED photography light, which is obtained by comparing the appearance color of the object with a reference or benchmark light source (incandescent light or painting light) of the same color temperature. The spectral content emitted by the light determines the light color of the light source, but the same light color can be formed by many, a few or even only two monochromatic light waves, and the color rendering of each color is also very different. Light sources with the same light color will have different spectral compositions, and light sources with wider spectral compositions are more likely to provide better color rendering quality. The CRI is still the common method for defining the color rendering evaluation of light sources.

3、See the light color of LED spotlights

Light color is what we usually call color temperature (correlated color temperature). Color temperature  is a physical quantity used in lighting optics to define the color of a light source. That is, when a black body is heated to a temperature, and the color of the light emitted by it is the same as the color of the light emitted by a light source, the heating temperature of the black body is called the color temperature of the light source, referred to as color temperature, and the unit is expressed in K . The led continuous lighting with low color temperature is yellowish, such as incandescent lamp, about 2800K, and the light with high color temperature is more blue, such as purple light, above 9000K.

The fact that video lights are much cheaper than they used to be has democratised the skill, and more people than ever can start to learn the basics. So, in our guide to the best video lights, we’ve tried to select affordable but capable units that pretty much any videographer can make use of, whether you’re working with a DSLR setup or shooting on your iPhone. The best Youtube video lights are one of the best options to increase the production value to your video content

GVM-ST300R daylight with double head and each side power of 300w. This GVM continuous studio lighting kit include the 1 Bi-color lamp bead and 1 RGB lamp bead so that You will get a 300W RGB light and a 300W Bi-color studio light on the one photography lights. It has an amazing new technology strobe light photography. The lighting kit include 4 different dimming curves: Linear, Logarithmic, Exponential, and S-Curve. PWM new technology that you can adjust the brightness from 0.1%-100%. Thousands of level dimming accuracy.

The continuous photography light have 7 lighting mode. CCT mode, HSI mode, RGB mode, 60 types GEL mode which include 2 types color paper mode, ROSCO and LEE , 12typs light source matching mode, 8typs white light effect mode, 4typs color light effect mode. Studio lighting with standard DMX interface, it can realize low-precision 8bit and high-precision 16bit DMX control mode. You can use the camera color picking function in the HSI mode of the app function. Let the camera point to any color you need and take a picture, the camera light will get that color.


Product Model: GVM-ST300R; Led Beads Quantity: COB*2

Power:Double side 300W ; Color Rendering Index: ≥97+

Color Temperature: 2700K-7500K

Lumen: 2000lux/1m

Add Standard Lampshade: 65000lux/1m

Brightness: 0.1%-100%; Voltage: AC 100-240V

GVM LED video lighting kit professional creates an impressive bright light 43500 lux/1m and 0%~100% stepless adjustable bright. Perfect continuous output lighting for photography, YouTube, film recording, Vlog. It can help restore true colors. Design with CRI97+, CT 5600K, COB Lamp Bead, GVM light help you accurately reproduce colors and naturally illuminate your photo. The 8 build in lighting effects also enrich your shooting scene. If you want to start a network platform career or video blogger, It’s a great photography equipment for beginners or Productions.

If you want to take creative photo or special shooting scenes, there are 8 kinds of scene lights can be used: Lightning, Flash, Candlelight, TV, Bad Light Bulb, Explosion, Firework, Paparazzi in this recording light for studio. GVM great best continuous light for photography allows you to balance exposure levels in a scene, retaining more detail in shadows and highlights. Also, once you get comfortable with your lights, you can start creating effects, using different colors to evoke different moods or even to simulate things.


Feature : LCD Screen, High Display, APP Control,

Master/Slave Mode Control, DMX Control

Power : 300W

Voltage : AC 100-240V

Power Supply Mode : DC Input

Power Supply : 32V/9.5A

Cooling : Radiator & fan cooling

Remote Ability: ≤100m

Product Net Weight: 3.15KG

Product Size (mm) : 228x123x349

Product Material: Aluminum Alloy + Plastic

Therefore, the importance of light for shooting is self-evident. Light is the source and soul of photography! In fact, LED video lights are much cheaper than they used to be. We’ve tried to select affordable but capable units that pretty much any photographer can make use of, whether you’re working with a DSLR setup or shooting on your iPhone,they’re an ideal choice!