How to set the light of the hero and heroine of the romance film to be the most beautiful?

ow in this scene, there are soft key light and soft fill light. The contours of the face are already good, but would it be better if you add something to it? add what? – Metering.

Use 1: To separate the background from the characters

Romance dramas have always been the most frequent theme in film and television dramas. During filming, you want the audience to focus all of their attention on the heroine and make them feel that this hero is more important than everyone else.

You may first adjust the focal length of the camera to blur the distance and only keep the protagonist in focus, but if you add this metering, you will find that the protagonist has a halo on his head, so that the audience can The child will notice the protagonist.

Maybe you want the protagonist to make a strong impression on the audience. We can change the camera position, shoot the protagonist from the top, or shoot from the top, or we can highlight the importance of the protagonist, and metering the protagonist can achieve that.

Let’s take a look at the comparison chart of no metering and metering:

I believe you will soon be able to see the difference between the two! Compared with the previous picture, the feeling of separation between the background and the characters is more obvious in the next picture.

Use 2: Make characters have eye light

In order to make the characters in the picture vivid, the eye light must be considered. No matter how you’re lighting, what kind of light is in front of you, key light or metering, make sure there’s a reflection in your character’s pupils. With light in the eyes, it is equivalent to having a god, which will bring a good feeling to the whole scene. Without this reflection, the character would look dull-eyed.

We learned about the main light, fill light, and metering lights. The key light sets the tone of the scene, the fill light modifies the key light, and the metering allows the protagonist to be separated from the background for additional effects. How do the three lights work together to create a cinematic effect?

Let’s look at a scene first:

This scene has two lights shot straight down from the ceiling, an effect that sitcoms generally have. The shadows in the scene are similar from all angles, which means that the sitcom tries to make the distribution of lights and shadows as even as possible. But when filming, you need to make the lighting look unique from an angle.

Generally speaking, to make a scene dramatic, the characters must have a sense of outline, proper shadow coverage, and depth of field, so as to express the connotation of a story.

Let’s assume a scene: in the morning (the light of the sun has risen), a girl in love is drinking coffee and waiting for her beloved boyfriend.

How should such a scene be lit? You can quickly turn your head and think about it.

first light

First, turn on a fill light that accentuates the shadows of the contours of the character’s face.

second light

So we now need a soft light that illuminates the background. Soft light is needed because it doesn’t create an unsightly shadow on the background. Think about it, in the morning the sun hits the characters directly, not the background, so the shadows on the background should be soft. Here you can use a baffle to reduce excessive shadows and soften the light.

third light

We used two lights above, but the hair of the characters in the scene will still look a little awkward. Wouldn’t the effect be better if the hair was illuminated with the right light?

fourth lamp

We have already learned about metering, and now turn on a metering light to illuminate the hair on the top of the character’s head.

Four lights distribution map:

The comparison between the uniform lighting method of sitcom and the dramatic scene lighting method:

The melodrama scene is very different from the dramatic one, we added a few more lights to the scenes with dramatic conflict, the key light creates the overall shadows and outlines, and the metering gives the characters a good separation from the background , and cooperate with other lights to give the scene a depth of field effect. This lighting method fully expresses the scene we want to show.

How Lighting Makes “Scene Emotional”

  1. Romance or Drama

There is sufficient lighting in the scene, and the shadows on the nose and face of the characters are softer. This kind of film gives people a relaxed feeling, and the light must be soft.

2.Mystery plot, horror movie

There are more shadows on the faces of the characters. When it comes to shadows, we can think that strong light can bring a strong sense of silhouette to the characters. So horror movies often have dark scenes. There are many shadows in the scene, which will make the audience feel very mysterious and want to discover and dig the story, which just satisfies the curiosity of the audience. Therefore, the more shadows in the scene, the more mysterious it is.

 3.good people, bad people lighting method

The good guys: soft, bright lights

The bad guys: shadows, even shadows with strong silhouettes.

Organize some pictures and feel it first:

1、Romantic comedy

Different kinds of light accentuate different kinds of people, and it’s not just the shadows on the faces that are associated with them, but the shadows of the scene in general. So, lighting can express the “emotion” of the scene you are shooting.

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