GVM-PD60B is specially designed for senior photography enthusiasts.
it is suitable for live broadcasting, outdoor, film and television shooting,
studio photography, etc, and can also be used for YouTube videos shot.
the practicability of a variety of special effect modes provides photographers
with more efficient and convenient shooting options
Step-less adjustable
Stepless dimming
Outstanding color
CRI 97+
Each side
Power of 60w
Color Temperature
Smart connectivity
GVM Control APP
heat dissipation
scene lights
24 speciallights

APP Intelligent

Control System

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 Mesh networking system, you can search for "GVM-PD60B"
in the App store to download the mobile app (iOS and Android) to remotely control the lights;
Through the Bluetooth Mesh networking system, users can control multiple GVM-PD60B devices at the same time.
The intuitive control panel on the App makes the lighting scene layout easier and faster, saving a lot of time and energy


GVM PD60B can be used together with a diffuser to meet the needs of different shooting scenarios


The power of GVM-PD60B is as high as 60W, the dual color temperature can be adjusted
from 2700K to 6800K, the color rendering index is as high as 97+, the full color gamut is perfectly presented,
and the high-brightness light source can be continuously output.

Handle light

This lamp is a 60W spotlight with dual-color temperature with
a handle for handheld use

12 kings of Lighting scenes

The light effect mode of PD60B provides 12 kinds of light effects
The light effect is more outstanding, and it is easy to realize creative shooting.


GVM PD60B is not only convenient for handheld use, facilitating outdoor work,
but also can be used with a light stand as a low-power fill light.

12 Source Effects

GVM PD60B provides 12 different types of light sources to choose from.
When you need a specific light source, it can save a lot of adjustment time.
It is perfect for portrait shooting, video shooting, still life advertising shooting,
Tiktok shooting and other shooting scenarios .

Intelligent heat dissipation

This product dissipates heat through built-in heat sinks and a fan.
The fan operates in 3 modes: smart, high-speed, and silent modes.

Aluminum alloy bracket

GVM PD60B has a light stand holder, which can be installed on the light stand,
Additionally, the lamp can rotate 90 degrees to provide fill light at different angles

Carrying case

The product includes a total of 6 parts: the photography lamp, standard cover, handle, Type-C charging cable, portable bag,
and instruction manual. It supports lithium battery power supply (with a battery capacity of 14.8V 6600mAh) and AC power supply.
Please note that it comes with 1 Type-C power cable but does not include a charger, which needs to be purchased separately.
GVM-PD60B 3-light Set
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