Sharing Of Lighting Skills For Wedding Photography

The light and shadow in the wedding photos can not only increase the texture of the wedding photos, but also add a warm atmosphere to the whole picture. In the setting of real feelings, light and shadow also become gentle. We use the lens as the carrier, use light and shadow to modify, real emotions, and use the purest way in all commemorations to freeze the pictures of happiness with temperature! Next, we will share with you some lighting techniques in wedding photography.

Tips for outdoor wedding photo shooting

When shooting outdoor wedding photos, you can’t avoid using outdoor lights, flashers and some accessories, such as soft light box, reflector, color film and other related tools.

Tip 1:

If it is cloudy, reasonable use of external flash can create a warm effect of literature and art; On cloudy days, the whole sky will become a very wide light source, equivalent to a natural soft light box. When shooting, we use a soft light box to soften the light, and just keep the flash light the same as the natural light.

Tip 2:

In the environment of sunset by the sea, shooting with a single lamp can make the dark environment more beautiful and the picture effect more professional;

Tip 3:

If it is a sunny day, if the sun is on the left side of the new person, the left side of the new person will naturally be brighter than the right side. According to the position of the natural light source, the light is arranged on the left side. We can appropriately change the light quality and light ratio of the main light source irradiated on the new person and fine tune the light level by using the external shooting lamp to make the light effect in the painting look more natural and comfortable. In addition, when the sun is burning in the sky, the high-power external shooting lamp can also suppress the midday sun, and the effect of the evening can be photographed.  

Tip 4:

In backlight shooting, light metering shooting is carried out for the sky, so that the sky is layered, and the people use flash to fill the light.

Tip 5:

Skillfully use the characteristics of the environment. By observing the characteristics of the shooting environment, it is appropriate to use the combination of points, lines and planes to obtain a vivid and symmetrical layout structure. The interesting points of the scenery are arranged near the golden section point, and the characters are placed on the interesting center of the whole picture to balance the echo.  

Different styles of buildings, doors, windows, stairs and other scenes are good places to express emotional stories. For example, the revolving stairs have greater visual impact, and it is easier to shoot Abstract effects when shooting on the revolving stairs.

Finally, make appropriate actions according to the environment, light and character status, and the happy wedding photos will be completed! The love stories in this world are different, and the shooting creation is also different. The significance of photography is to record forever with warmth and resonance. The light and shadow in the wedding photos are also the projection of love power. You know where the light should come from, and then follow this logic to do lighting thinking and design to express the happiness of the new people. The photographed works will not be bad.

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