2022 Upgraded RGB video lights,
Update LCD screen,which display current light parameters,
control mode, channel value, scene number, etc.
and Simulate Scene Modes.
3 1太阳
Outstanding color
CRI 97+
3 2RGB
Step-less adjustable
RGB 0°-360°
Each side
Power of 50w
3 4特效
Scene lights
8 Special lights
手机 1
Smart connectivity
GVM Control APP
3 6联控
Save time and effort
Joint Control

Bi-color & RGB

Output Ways

The first mode is where the color temperature is
between 3200K and 5600K.
The second mode allows you to adjust the hue output
and color saturation of red, green,and blue from 0% to 100%
This means you can quickly match the current ambient with a knob.
组 4 拷贝

8 Kinds of

Scene Lights

APP Intelligent

Control System

Featuring Mobile Bluetooth APP control function
can be controlled light by smart mobile device
Search the APP “GVM_LED” from major APP stores or the manual

Master/Slave Mode

RGB 1200D supports Master and Slave control mode.
You could set one light as the master mode
and other GVM lights as Slave mode
which you could easily control all lights with the master one.


lamp beads

It Consists of 704 LED Beads and 224 RGB Beads:
this video light is adopted the American Chip
and has a life of more than 100000 hours.
It’s designed with aerospace aluminum alloy Casing to
effectively help the LED light better dissipate heat
5 10

LED Screen

With an LED screen and stable system,
it supports 360° rotation and can effectively control the light.
You can also install a folding and soft light board to avoid excess light,
make the light softer, and customize the fill light,
allowing you to easily and casually shoot the desired results.
6 11

AC/ DC Power Options

LED panel light can use two modes to power,
you can use AC adapter and
Sony F750/970 battery (not included) to supply
power outdoor or indoor.
7 10

Studio Lights Detail

At GVM, we are devoted to helping
those who have video-making
needs to create terrific videos,
by bringing easy-to-use
and affordable camera gears.
We have a strong passionate team,
especially our manager being a senior
photographer & video-maker himself.
We believe that no matter you are
a professional or an amateur,
new or experienced,
everyone has the possibility & capability to realize
your creativity with ease,
anytime, anywhere.

GVM-1200D is a new multi-functional mode RGB Video Panel Light including an RGB Light Panel and a Power Supply Adapter. The light front is also equipped with a 4-sided folding page to focus the light’s divergence direction. It is also equipped with a bright acrylic lampshade board to make the light softer. You can use two independent NP series lithium batteries or a DC15V/4A power adapter to supply power.

High power photographic lamp

流明参数GVM 1200D
主图 1 5

Bi-color & RGB Output Ways

The first mode is where the color temperature is between 3200K and 5600K. The second mode allows you to adjust the hue output and color saturation of red, green, and blue from 0% to 100%. which means it can output a variety of colors to meet any needs.

Lamp bead soft light protection board

1.In daily use, there is a protective plate to protect the lamp beads from damage due to collision. It can protect itself when some large studios are put together with other lamps.

2.The protection board has its own soft light function, so that your eyes won’t be tired when you look at him for a long time

1200D 2
1200 4.26 2

Innovative Patent 60 degree plug-in lamp bead

1.With a 60 degree plug-in lamp bead, the light of the lamp may be brighter, and the irradiation distance will be longer than the ordinary flat panel lamp on the market.

2.The arrangement of RGB light beads is more dense. In RGB mode, the brightness is upgraded and the shooting area is increased. It can also play an excellent brightness in large scene mode

Lamp bead life

The specially developed lamp beads have a long service life, with a service time of more than 80000 hours under normal environment, far ahead of competitors

1000d 灯珠
2 3

Scenes Modes

Upgraded RGB video lights, It supports 8 kinds of special lighting scenes to enrich your shooting environment, including

1.Lightning                          5. Party

2.Cop Car                           6. Disco

3.Candle                             7.Bad bulb

4.TV                                    8.Paparazzi


App Intelligent Control System

The video light is equipped with a Mobile App control function, download the GVM app in major app stores (such as Apple Store/ Google Play. Etc. ) Convenience to control the accurate color and temperature you need. Effective for your video shooting.

RGB Video Light GVM 1200D 9

Aviation aluminum alloy back plate

And the light shell is made of high-quality red aluminum alloy, which makes it efficient in heat dissipation. There is also a GVM LOGO on the light back, which will shine under the light

There is F550-F750-F970 universal battery interface on the back, which can support the needs of outdoor shooting. When shooting indoors, it is equipped with power cord for use

Ultra high color rendering index

This RGB Video Light is equipped with 928 pieces of high-quality, CRI 97+ LED Lamp Beads, power is 50W

RGB Video Light KIT GVM 1200D 2L 8
1200D 4.26

2 multi lamp joint control modes

1.You can manually set one lamp as the main control mode and other lamps as the controlled mode on the control panel of the lamp, which can control up to 120 lamps.

2.If the lights are far away from you, you can use the mobile app to control them. Just set the main control light to app mode and other lights to controlled mode, you can remotely control up to 120 lights from a long distance.

SKU 1 2

Single Light

SKU 2 2

2 Light Kit

RGB Video Light KIT GVM 1200D 3L 4

3 Light Kit

1200D 2L bat2 1

2 Light Kit+Battery*2

1200D 3L bat3 1

3 Light Kit+Battery*3