Taking Creative Portraits? All You Need Is A Mirror And A LED Video Light!

Sometimes, all you need for a creative portrait is a mirror.

1. Use manual focus for more accurate focus

The best thing about taking pictures with a mirror is that it offers endless possibilities. As long as you have a mirror, you don’t even need a mirror, just an interface that reflects.

Photo By Frankie Cordoba

But due to the depth of the interface, the autofocus system may not know exactly where we want to focus. Especially when we’re shooting at close range with a wide aperture, the depth of field is so shallow that it’s hard for the autofocus system to tell where exactly we want to focus. But using manual focus is different.


2. Use mirrors to create large spaces in small rooms

Just like taking a selfie in an elevator, the elevator car has only a small space, but the mirrors around it can create the illusion of a large space. We can also take advantage of this feature when we are shooting in small rooms.

Photography: Mikail Duran

If we are shooting in a small room, we can use a large mirror to shoot the subject from a longer distance, which can create more space between the camera and the subject, allowing the model to play better and have more room to pose, Don’t worry about being unable to perform because the focal length is too long.

3. Use multiple mirrors to achieve surreal effects

Surrealism is generally a visual experience. Most people will use their imagination to modify the work in the later stage to echo their imagination, but some photographers will also use existing props to shoot different works.

Photography: Roberto Delgado Webb

Just like we can use multiple mirrors to map the same portrait in the work, or use the reflection of the mirror to cut off the model, as long as we have enough imagination and enough hands-on ability, we can do anything.

4. Put yourself and the model in the camera at the same time

I remember Kubrick took such a photo. On the set of The Shining, Kubrick and his daughter took a photo with Jack Nicholson, but one side was in the mirror.

Due to the difference in the focal plane, if you use a full-frame wide aperture, there is a high probability that a subject will be out of focus and cause blur. You can use this feature to create an effect.

5. Outdoor

Outdoor portraits can be enhanced with mirrors. Many photographers have done this. We can use mirrors to cover a certain part of the model’s body, let the mirror reflect beautiful natural landscapes, and even use it to enhance landscape photography.

Photography: Noah Buscher

Photography: Ye Fung Tchen

You can also place the mirror in a corner to let the model into the mirror.

6. Road Photography

Photography: Jakub Gorajek

Even the rear-view mirror in the car can be used.

7. Selfie

Photography: Kinga Cichewicz

The most effective way to shoot with mirrors is of course selfies. We only need to take pictures in front of the mirror with the camera. Of course, don’t just focus on yourself. Try to place some props around the stills to create a shooting atmosphere, otherwise, you can use your phone with you. It’s almost shooting.

8. Use a small mirror to take abstract pictures

Photography: Vince Fleming

A small mirror can reflect a certain detail of the body, such as eyes, nose, hands, etc. Like the photo above, use a hand-held prism to reflect the eyes as if they are growing on the hands to create the effect. Holding a small mirror can reflect certain details of the face, making them more prominent in the frame.

9. Set up lights outside of mirrors

Bottom line: Place a light outside of the reflective surface that’s soft enough to beautify the model’s face, or create the mood you want for the perfect portrait.

Create interesting portraits, lighting you may need