The composition is successful when the center of gravity is determined

Composition is probably one of the most difficult issues for a photographer to deal with, because it’s easy to say, easy to say, and complicated to say, it’s more of a never-ending quest, and there will always probably be a better way than what you’re dealing with right now.

The basis of composition is rules, and the ultimate purpose of composition is to break the rules to create a guidance mode belonging to your current picture. Through this guidance mode, it is easier for viewers to understand your shooting intention, and it is easier for the subject you shoot to be accepted by viewers.

All the rules have one thing in common: they assign weight to the image, bringing the center of gravity of the image to where you want the viewer’s attention.

So before you snap the shutter, you need to ask yourself, what are you photographing? What elements are in the current scenario? How do you use these elements to guide the image to what you’re shooting? It’s not just a random shot.

Here are a few tips that may help you determine your center of gravity and guide your image to your subject.

Use depth of field and motion blur

If you shoot a portrait with a wide aperture, you will know that a wide aperture is one of the ways to create a shallow depth of field, which is not only to create a bokeh effect, but more importantly to separate the subject from the background, make the subject more prominent and obvious, so that the subject can attract more attention of the viewer. In the photo below, although there are many people in the background, the focus is on the subject. Compared with the blurred background, it is easy to focus on the subject.

Motion blur from focus may look like two distinct forms of shooting from depth of field, but the effect they create is the same, using a blurred background to separate the subject. Using the pan focus, we can shoot the subject is relatively clear, but the background is relatively blurred.

Closer to the

Filming on the streets of the classmates should like to know, want to be the body of the shooting is very sharp, we have to close near a close, close to the body can effectively eliminate the scenes of chaos, and it can also make our body in the frame of the image, increase the visual weight in the eyes of the beholder, especially when we use the wide Angle lens, This effect is even more pronounced.

To minimize the

Contrary to the previous point, if our environment is not a chaotic street but a relatively monotonous and uniform simple background, we can make the subject smaller to highlight the subject.

But at this time, the clothes worn by our subject must form a strong contrast effect with the background for the contrast color, so that our subject can stand out in the simple background will not be lost in the scene, otherwise it is not good to find the same integrated with the background.

Manufacturing framework

Besides we limit the camera picture frame, we can also in images to create a framework, and the framework of the main body in the picture can help us more effective the subject highlight this box in the picture box is a visual focus, you can easily let viewers to quickly remove the attention to box in the main body. In the photo below, although I did not intend to create a frame, the foreground person formed a natural frame, placing the two people at the focal point of the picture in the frame between them, and the blurred foreground and background also made the subject more clear.

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