Tips for Lighting Indoors

Lighting is to use one light or m+ultiple lights together to make the main light and auxiliary light work together effectively, which is the indoor lighting. Indoor lighting is also directly related to the color of the photographic picture. People usually use LED video light panel or LED Bi-color spotlight to realize better shooting indoors.

1、Single-light photography

The so-called single-light photography  is the use of a single light for indoor lighting. Only one lighting fixture is used as the continuous lighting source during the shooting. This method is simple and convenient, and is suitable for use when the shooting preparation time is tight or the on-site lighting conditions are limited. It is also one of the most frequently used lighting methods.

2、Main and auxiliary lighting

The so-called main and auxiliary lighting   refers to the use of two lighting fixtures in the shooting, which are used as the main light source and the auxiliary light source respectively to cooperate with the supplementary light,  usually referred to LED photography light. The main light is the brightest light source that plays a major role in lighting, and is used to display the basic shape of the subject, the three-dimensional space of the picture and the surface structure of the object.

3、Three-point lighting

The so-called three-point lighting method, also known as three-light lighting, is the most commonly used traditional lighting method in photography, consisting of main light, auxiliary light and backlight.  The three types of lighting perform their respective functions. The main light is mainly responsible for establishing the shape of the subject; the auxiliary light adds soft layers and reduces the shadow caused by the main light; and the backlight separates the subject from the background.

GVM-ST300R daylight with double head and each side power of 300w. This GVM continuous studio lighting kit include the 1 Bi-color lamp bead and 1 RGB lamp bead so that You will get a 300W RGB light and a 300W Bi-color studio light on the one photography lights. It has an amazing new technology strobe light photography. The lighting kit include 4 different dimming curves: Linear, Logarithmic, Exponential, and S-Curve. PWM new technology that you can adjust the brightness from 0.1%-100%. Thousands of level dimming accuracy.

The continuous photography light have 7 lighting mode. CCT mode, HSI mode, RGB mode, 60 types GEL mode which include 2 types color paper mode, ROSCO and LEE , 12typs light source matching mode, 8typs white light effect mode, 4typs color light effect mode. Studio lighting with standard DMX interface, it can realize low-precision 8bit and high-precision 16bit DMX control mode. You can use the camera color picking function in the HSI mode of the app function. Let the camera point to any color you need and take a picture, the camera light will get that color.


Product Model: GVM-ST300R; Led Beads Quantity: COB*2

Power:Double side 300W ; Color Rendering Index: ≥97+

Color Temperature: 2700K-7500K

Lumen: 2000lux/1m

Add Standard Lampshade: 65000lux/1m

Brightness: 0.1%-100%; Voltage: AC 100-240V

By using the commonly used Bowen , GVM-SD300D best continuous led lighting for photography can be used with various light regulators, such as diffuser, diffuser, standard cover, etc.Bowen lamp holder is also available. This makes SD300D one of the most versatile lamps.This Bowen continuous light can make you sculpt light art well.SD300D adapts to most application and creative scenarios.By simply pressing a button and turning a quarter of a circle, you can quickly change the light regulator to keep up with today’s fast shooting pace.

This LED continuous lighting is also equipped with a built-in efficient cooling fan stepped air intake design for fan can effectively help COB beads to better heat dissipation, effectively improve the complex heat dissipation.If the shooting environment is overheated, the COB lamp head can be better protected.Extend the lifetime of the light.And the fan is muted when it dissipates heat, so there is no need to worry about interfering with the production of on-site shooting.


Feature : LCD Screen, High Display, APP Control,

Master/Slave Mode Control, DMX Control

Power : 300W

Voltage : AC 100-240V

Power Supply Mode : DC Input

Power Supply : 32V/9.5A

Cooling : Radiator & fan cooling

Remote Ability: ≤100m

Product Net Weight: 3.15KG

Product Size (mm) : 228x123x349

Product Material: Aluminum Alloy + Plastic

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