Treasure fill light not to be missed in 2022, you deserve it!

“Photography is an art of using light“. This sentence is never out of date. Because playing photography to the end, in fact, playing with light and shadow, light and shadow is the soul of photography. And life is the best material library. Today we will talk about in detail, how to use local materials in daily life to find that “light” and be a “light chaser” in life.


What are the types of “light” in shooting?

Before we start, let me give you some popular science. In shooting, we generally divide the light into: natural light, ambient light and artificial light. Among them, natural light is the well-known sunlight, moonlight, and starlight, but it is generally dominated by sunlight; ambient light is the lighting sources, street lights, etc. that appear in life; and artificial light is divided into continuous light sources and flashes.

From one point of view, if the light hits the subject, it can be divided into front light, back light, side light, top light, etc. Through the use of different light during the shooting process, it is often possible to create Surprising picture.


So,how to find light in daily life?

Be a caring person in life, and you will find that life is full of beautiful materials. Next, let’s be a “light chaser.”


The afternoon sun hits the wine glass, and the whole picture is very comfortable



Curtains are good props for daily shooting of natural light. They can block strong light and adjust the light to be soft at any time.


The combination of flowers and light is really popular, and the operation is very simple. As long as you shoot in the early morning or in the evening when the light is softer, you can have this hazy beauty.


However, in many cases, due to the weather or the uniqueness of the object to be photographed, the shooting task often needs to be completed indoors. In order to achieve the effect of “light from God”, it is necessary to have an excellent photography fill light, which can play a vital role in your shooting!

Product Features:

lNew upgrade, high-density lamp beads are brighter and more power-saving

l8 scene special effects + high color rendering + RGB full color

lSmart phone control, easy to shoot creative videos

lIt is suitable for various scenes such as online celebrity live broadcast, studio shooting, product shooting, interview recording, portrait photography, etc.

If you must have a fill light, I think GVM-850D will be a very good choice!


Product Features:

lUpdate Simulate Scene Modes

lAPP Intelligent Control System

lRGB 1500D support master and Slave control mode

lTwo Power Supply Options

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