Unlock the outdoor creativity, and the GVM lights up every corner for you

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In the outdoor shooting, the use of lighting can often add a lot of color to the work. And GVM, as a highly regarded outdoor shooting artifact, with its excellent performance and excellent light filling effect, has become the right-hand man of photographers.

Exquisite light filling solution

Outdoor photography is often subject to changes in natural light, and the emergence of GVM provides photographers with a brand new light filling scheme. In outdoor shooting, only two GVM lights are needed to easily achieve an excellent light filling effect. The first is GVM-SD80D, which has excellent color rendering index and high brightness, and can provide a clear and bright light filling effect for the shooting subject, making the picture more vivid and full.

The GVM-PRO-SD300B is paired with a soft light mask

The softness of the light is particularly important in the outdoor shooting. The GVM-PRO-SD300B, combined with a 60cm soft light mask, can create a soft light effect for shooting, effectively reducing the discomfort caused by shadows and hard light. The use of soft mask makes the skin color of the subject more natural, the outline clearer, and the overall picture more harmonious. The high color rendering index of PRO-SD300B of GVM and adjustable color temperature provide a greater creative space for outdoor shooting.

Easy to carry, anytime, anywhere

GVM’s portability is also a big advantage in outdoor shooting. Both GVM-SD80D and GVM-PRO-SD300B are lightweight and portable, enabling photographers to use them in outdoor photography without site restrictions. Whether it is outdoor portrait shooting, or natural scenery capture, GVM can bring you the best light effect.

Conclusion: Light up the creation and create miracles

In outdoor shooting, GVM offers photographers a new way to create. Through the simple two lights collocation, can easily achieve excellent light filling effect and soft light effect. The GVM-SD80D and the GVM-PRO-SD300B work together to create more possibilities for outdoor photography. Whether it is portrait or scenery, whether it is sunny or rainy, GVM can light up every corner of your creation and create an amazing visual miracle. Whether you are a novice photographer or a veteran photographer, GVM will be your indispensable creative partner, injecting more light and shadow into your work.

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