What pose does it take to look good

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Post cropping is also the second best method of photographic composition

The magic of photography is the ability to freeze time into eternity, which is probably why everyone wants to look their best in front of the camera. However, there are two kinds of problems we often face when taking pictures. Either you think you are a natural beauty, but you have trouble showing it in front of the camera; Or you’re not perfect, but you want to work on your strengths and avoid your weaknesses in front of the camera. Perhaps the key is in Pose, where we reveal some of the most common mistakes people make in front of the camera and how to improve them to ensure the best results.

1. S figure

Giving your body an “S” shape can help you look more relaxed in front of the camera. Unless you’re taking a license photo, or even a crime shot, you don’t always have to keep your chest tucked in and your head raised to look like a guard. In addition, we should also pay attention to the hand posture, rather than the hands in the pocket position, just inserting the thumb in the pocket may be a better option.

2. Angle the camera

If you want your photo to look thin, it’s best to avoid facing the camera. A good correction is to rotate your body three-quarters of an Angle. Also, when shooting this squat, place your hands naturally in your lap, which will highlight your elegance.

3. Pay attention to hand movements

Sometimes it’s a good idea to pose with your hands on your face, but here we should be careful not to have your hands facing the camera lens. Remember to keep your palms slightly close to your face, not really supporting your head or grabbing your elbows, for a more natural look.

4. Tilt your shoulders

Lower one shoulder to create a diagonal line. This will lengthen your neck and give the impression of relaxation. In addition, don’t be shy about showing your hands and letting them shine on your arms will look even better.

5. Bend your knees slightly

“Standing at attention” is a rule that soldiers or organized disciplinary forces must follow, but it is a big no-no when taking portraits. As with the previous S-pose, we simply bend our knees slightly and relax our shoulders to make us look slim and relaxed.

6, low high head

Many people in the process of taking a casual portrait are consciously or unconsciously turning it into a license photo. The main reason for this is that we always like to face the camera, especially the head movement is too correct but lack of variation. Remember not to be so rigid, the body can be slightly adjusted, slightly angled camera. If you are able to bend your head slightly, you will have the effect of looking gently towards the camera from the bottom up.

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