Post cropping is also the second best method of photographic composition

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Post cropping is also the second best method of photographic composition

Many elements work together to create a great photograph, including the subject, light, composition, focus, time, and so on. However, another element that is often overlooked is how we crop the photo in the post. It is important to know that proper frame adjustment will not only not destroy the original composition, but also add a lot of color to the expression of the picture. It can even turn the world around and turn waste into treasure. In the following five cases, we can try cropping to bring our photos back to life.

1. Not following the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds isn’t new, but it has long been considered a good starting point for composition. The key point of this composition method is that when we take a picture, we can divide the picture in the viewfinder by two vertical and two horizontal lines, and then place the important point in one of the four intersections. However, if we don’t follow this rule in the early stages of the shoot, we can also crop the frame in the later stages to bring the composition back to the rule of thirds. But remember, rules are there to be broken, and there are situations where it’s better not to use the rule of thirds than it is to use it, so why do we need to be dogmatic about cutting out pictures? Therefore, we should accumulate experience through continuous trial, so that we can better use the cropping weapon for the service of photos.

2. The subject of the photo is not clear enough

It’s often only when people look back that they regret putting too many elements in a single image, but the good news is that post-cropping can be used to remove distracting elements from the image. So how do you tell which ones are unnecessary? When looking back at a photo, remember to ask yourself: “What message do I want the viewer to get from my photo? What am I trying to say in my photos?” After thinking this through, we can adjust the picture frame to better highlight the subject and convey the message clearly.

3.Insufficient picture content

The top one says “too much” and the bottom one says “too little”. While most of the time you crop a photo to highlight one part of the picture, sometimes it’s better to do the opposite and show more content in the picture, so that the picture gets more background and makes sense of the whole story. This often happens with landscape or environmental portraits, which tend to show the subject’s surroundings. However, in the pursuit of “more”, we should not forget that the composition should still adhere to a principle and convey the message clearly.

4.Too much safety

One of the great things about moving photography into the digital age is that there’s a lot of post-processing space available, so you don’t have to be afraid to crop your photos, it’s not an irreversible process. By tweaking your frame, you may find something you’ve never tried before, such as a panorama or square frame. When used in a particular scenario, they can have an unexpected effect.

5. Not taking into account how the photos are used

Photographs are often used for a variety of purposes, from sales to printouts to sharing on social networks. Especially if you plan to sell your photography, thinking about where it will be used is an essential step. For example, a photograph with the subject in the middle of the frame would not be suitable for publication in a magazine with a folio design, because the center of the magazine would fall on the subject of the frame. If your picture is not vertical, it is not suitable for a magazine cover. You also need to think about whether your photo will be properly framed or composed when it is posted online and appears as a thumbnail.

All that said, cropping a photo may sound like a simple step, but it can also add luster to your photography. The good news is, assuming you’re not happy with the adjustment, we can easily revert to the original image without any damage to the original. So let’s experiment, crop the picture and try a lot of different images, you may get unexpected results.

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