GVM microphone: Listen to the sound of a new realm

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This blog gives you a comprehensive overview of the GVM-MIC-LM 2 microphone, an audio tool with six great features. From safe track to mid-to-low frequency improvement, GVM-MIC-LM 2 brings you a more refined, stable and safe recording experience. Let’s explore this advanced device that leads the field of sound.

1, safe track: to ensure that the sound is not lost

GVM-MIC-LM 2 adds a guarantee for recording with its unique safety track function. The loss of sound due to exposure problems was avoided by recording a second track above the main track. It is especially suitable for scenes where the volume drops is high, to ensure that the recording always remains clear and complete.

2,100m stable wireless transmission: sound quality seamless presentation

The GVM-MIC-LM 2 can travel up to 100 meters, both outdoors and indoors. Its highly sensitive radio can capture the rich, three-dimensional sound, ensuring the quality and stability of the long-distance radio, so that you have no worries in the recording process.

3, the battery life of up to 30 hours: lasting company

With a charging case, the GVM-MIC-LM 2 can have a range of up to 30 hours. Even in travel, interviews, etc., you can continue to provide you with stable recording support, no longer have to worry about battery life.

4. Encryption channel: stable and secure transmission

The GVM-MIC-LM 2 uses a 2.4 GHz digital transmission with a built-in encrypted channel. This not only guarantees the safety and stability of the operation, but also improves the anti-interference performance, making the audio transmission more reliable, and ensuring that the quality of the sound is not disturbed.

5, onboard recording function: backup is more secure

The GVM-MIC-LM 2 is not only a microphone, but also has onboard recording capabilities. Built-in large capacity memory chip, which can be used as a tape recorder, not only avoids the risk of recording loss due to receiver problems, but also provides additional security for recording video or interviews.

6, medium and low frequency improvement: listen to a more delicate sound

GVM-MIC-LM 2 can effectively improve the medium and low frequency, make the human voice more clear, more natural, and the broadcast effect is better. Especially in the noise elimination, this function is more obvious to its advantages, so that the recording is more delicate.

GVM-MIC-LM 2, as a 2.4G wireless microphone with multiple functions, brings you a new realm for the recording experience with its safe track, stable transmission, battery life, encrypted channel, onboard recording and medium and low frequency improvement. Whether recording music, interviews, GVM-MIC-LM 2 provides high quality, stable and reliable sound support. Thank GVM for bringing us such an exciting audio tool, may GVM-MIC-LM 2 help your creative road more brilliant!

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