Five common lighting methods in the studio

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Five common lighting methods in the studio

Everyone who is a photographer knows that light is very important, and for a studio, the design of lighting is even more important. Only a studio with well-designed lighting can take perfect portrait pictures. GVM introduces you to five common lighting methods in the studio.

1.Highlight background lighting

This lighting effect is created by a softbox, which is also a high-profile shot. The way to achieve this is that the photographer guides the subject to open a large softbox and sets up another in front of the subject. One side of the large softbox, and the photographer should pay attention to the fact that the first side of the softbox with the flash behind it is used as the background, and the softbox of the other side of the flash is placed in a “face-to-face” direction.

This ensures that when the shutter of the camera is pressed, the flash behind the model is triggered by the camera’s flash trigger, so that the softbox becomes a pure background in the picture under strong light.

At the same time, the subject’s contours and skin texture are outlined by highlights, and it is possible to create a “highlight” visual effect on the subject’s skin, thereby accentuating a sense of holiness and mystery. This kind of lighting also has limitations. The limitation is that it has high requirements for lens quality and is not conducive to expressing colorful subjects.

2.Butterfly lighting method

I believe that photographers are familiar with this lighting method. It is a lighting effect created by double flash + softbox, and it is also a lighting method that photographers highly respect. Butterfly lighting.

It was achieved by placing two flashes with softboxes at 45° left and right in front of the model. The characteristic of this lighting method is that it makes full use of the characteristics of soft light, which makes the light softer and has a small contrast. Its best effect is that it can soften the skin of the characters. Generally speaking, it is most suitable to use when shooting portraits of beautiful women.

Of course, there are also shortcomings, which are mainly manifested in: when using this lighting method to shoot people’s black hair, the effect of the picture is difficult to show rich details; and the beauty shot by this lighting has almost no changes in light and shadow, although it can Shoots eye-catching soft skin, but it is easy to give people a very fake feeling.

3.The combination of main light and auxiliary light and the application of reflector

This can well create a three-dimensional sense of the subject’s facial features. The way to achieve this is to arrange a flash with a soft box in the front left and rear right of the character.

The lighting principle is that the flash on the left front of the subject can be used as the main light to illuminate the subject. Since the photographer designed the lamp position at 45° to the character, it can ensure that the three-dimensional sense of the subject’s facial features is created.

In addition, the photographic fill light on the right rear of the subject can outline the subject’s body lines, and the outline of the final captured picture is full of light.

When shooting in the studio, in order to create a three-dimensional effect of the characters without making the light ratio of the picture too large, the photographer can place a large-area reflector on the front right side of the subject to fill in the light for the subject. This can achieve a more ideal shooting effect.

4.the pursuit of three-dimensional lighting method

This lighting method is a lighting method created by side single light and hair lighting. Compared with the butterfly lighting method, this lighting effect has a stronger three-dimensional effect. This is because the flash and softbox are used from the front The light can cause uneven left and right on the light-receiving surface of the subject, thereby creating a strong three-dimensional effect visually.

In order to better pursue the effect, the photographer can set a photographic light for the subject to light up the hair.Using this lighting method, the photographer can set up a photographic light with a high height and a diffuser at the rear right of the subject, and light it in the direction of the model’s head, so that in the captured picture, the The highlights and reflections of the photographer’s hair can be handled well.

5.Double lights create head light, single light fills the front

This lighting method is also commonly used by studio photographers. The advantage is that it can create the effect of light on the character’s hair through the directionality of the hard light and the outline of the subject’s lines.

The realization method is as follows: the photographer uses two photography lights in the studio, and selects a suitable angle from behind the subject to cast a hard light on the subject, creating a golden light from the subject’s head, and achieving the effect of being photographed. The silhouette of the photographer is clear, and the special effects with strong three-dimensional effect.

After this effect is achieved, what the photographer has to do is to use a third camera light with a softbox on the front of the subject to fill in the front of the subject and depict the details of the subject’s face.

The disadvantage of this lighting method is that it is more complicated and requires high lenses. Usually, in order to better express the subject’s hair, the photographer should place the two flashes behind the subject slightly higher.

 The lens should be selected with excellent anti-glare quality and equipped with a suitable hood. Otherwise, the glare of the flash may enter the lens, which will lead to the deterioration of the image quality of the digital photos taken.

Finally, what I want to tell you is that in the process of shooting, you need to make appropriate adjustments to the number of lights, light positions and the number of reflectors according to the pros and cons of the effect of shooting pictures, so as to finally achieve the effect required by the photographer and meet the needs of customers. Filming requirements.

Here is a recommended light for photography studios:

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