GVM launches the latest Pro series two-color spotlight

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Are you a photographer or videographer looking for the perfect spotlight? Look no further, as GVM has launched the newest addition to their lineup, the GVm-Pro series.
This powerful two-color spotlight boasts exciting new features that are sure to improve your level of work.

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, this spotlight is designed to meet your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Read on to discover how the GVM-PRO series can help you achieve amazing results!


GVM’s latest product, GVM-Pro-SD650B, is a leap forward in the field of photographic lighting! Featuring an amazing new feature, this new spotlight is sure to wow photographers and shutterbugs. Its high-end performance makes it the ultimate choice for professionals. But before we dive into its features and performance, let’s do a quick overview of the target audience that will benefit from this new spotlight.

Overview of the GVM-PRO-SD650B: In terms of design, the SD650B uses a stylish exterior design and durable materials that promise durability and sturdiness. In addition, the spotlight is equipped with a separate control box, so there is no additional burden. When it comes to the technical side, the GVM-PRO-SD650B is packed with cutting-edge features. The spotlight is DMX and Bluetooth compatible for seamless integration with existing devices. In addition, the new product adds a digital display to make it easy and intuitive to adjust Settings.

Now, let's dive into lighting:

The GVM-PRO-SD650B features a high quality COB lamp bead that provides powerful lighting effects and brings the image to life. The 650B has a two-color temperature function, meaning it can adjust the color temperature between 2700K and 6800K, enabling photographers to shoot in a variety of conditions. In addition, GVM is equipped with its color index rating system to ensure accurate color reproduction of each frame. Overall, the GVM-PRO-SD650B is a well-crafted light that is efficient, durable and packed with advanced features. Whether you are a professional photographer or a beginner, the GVM-PRO series is worth watching.

Color accuracy and control:

One of the main benefits of the GVM-PRO-SD650B is the two-color spotlight. This feature provides a wide range of color temperature adjustments from warm to cool colors. In addition, the new spotlight is equipped with GVM’s color index rating system to ensure accurate color reproduction in each frame. The system ensures that the colors in the image are truly rendered and accurately reflect the colors of the subject. The GVM-PRO-SD650B color control is also very intuitive and easy to use, and the spotlight’s digital HD display makes it easy to quickly change colors and control other Settings.

Overall, the GVM-PRO-SD650B’s color accuracy and control are top notch, making it one of the best choices on the market.

Advanced features:

The SD650B features DMX and Bluetooth mesh networking, which can be controlled from your IOS and Android smart mobile devices, supporting GVM branded device grouping for mesh networks. In addition, the GVM-PRO-SD650B can be powered by AC/DC, V-port batteries, making it an extremely versatile device. The GVM-PRO-SD650B features 24 special effects modes such as thunderstorm, flash and breath. These effects allow users to add creative lighting to their shots without the need for additional equipment.

Performance and Application:

The performance of the GVM-PRO-SD650B is excellent, with a 650W high brightness, and the spotlight has a Lux rating of 19000lux/0.5m, ensuring strong and consistent lighting. The performance of the SD650B makes it ideal for a variety of applications, such as portrait photography, YouTube, promotional video shooting, and film and TV series shooting.

Customer evaluation and feedback:

Reviews and feedback are an important part of any purchase process, and the GVM-PRO-SD650B has received many positive reviews from satisfied customers. The quality, design and performance of the spotlight are among the reasons customers have praised this new product, however, some customers have raised compatibility concerns with other devices.

Verdict: Overall, the GVM-PRO-SD650B is an excellent device, efficient, durable and packed with advanced features. Whether you are a professional photographer or a shutterbug, this spotlight is worth your attention. So if you’re looking for a new spotlight, choose GVM-PRO-SD650B.

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