GVM GT-80-40Y Dolly Track Moving Camera Slider (31'')


GVM GT-80-40Y Dolly Track Moving Camera Slider is a collection of camera track and handle push function.Can be used on the ground,table or tripods to makes
Low Angle shot and tight shot.Rapid transformation with the block and track function.Move the knob to change the model between block and track,also you can adjust the levelness with the knob too.With high quality bearing,make it moves smoothly and quietly.

The rail of GT-80-40Yis mounted on a set of wheels for easier mobility and freedom. It also features a sliding body that allows you to track the camera while the apparatus is in motion.

The GVM GT-80-40Y  features both ¼ and 3/8 screw mounts for cameras of different sizes. In addition, the wheeled legs can be removed, enabling the slider to be mounted onto a tripod.


- Model: GT-80-40Y
- Materials: Aluminum alloy
- Load-bearing: 5Kg
- Dimension:  850*165*70mm
- Package Size: 870*120*90mm
- Package Weight:  3.5kg

Package List

- 1 x  800mm Long Rail
- 1 x  400mm Short Rail
- 2 x Wheel
- 1 x  Camera Slide Mount
- 1 x  Portable bag

GVM GT-80-40Y Dolly Track Moving Camera Slider (31'') $99.00

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