Exploring Infinite Light and Shadow: the multiple charms of the GVM

In the field of photography and film and television creation, lighting plays a vital role. GVM-PRO-SD300B, as a brilliant work of GVM brand, shines brightly in the photography creation with its unique characteristics and excellent performance. Excellent lighting quality The lighting quality of the GVM-PRO-SD300B is amazing. Its color temperature value can be freely adjusted … Read more

GVM invites you to join us in the 30th Beijing International Radio, Film and Television Exhibition

From August 23 to 26, the GVM brand exhibition hall will be unveiled at the Beijing International Radio, Film and Television Exhibition (BIRTV). BIRTV was founded in 1987. It is an advanced platform leading the development trend of China’s radio, film and television technology, an ideal platform for displaying the advanced technology and equipment and … Read more

Light up the idea: Explore the bright world of GVM-PRO-SD300B

Photography is an art that requires exquisite skills and quality tools, and GVM-PRO-SD300B, as an excellent photographic lighting, brings a visual feast for photographers. This 300-watt light source not only has an impressive brightness, but also has many advantages worth exploring. Excellent brightness, unlimited creativity GVM-PRO-SD300B brings the creative lighting magic into the world of … Read more

GVM-MIC-LM 2 microphone: the infinite possibilities of mastering sound

In this blog, we will deeply introduce you to the GVM-MIC-LM 2 microphone, an innovative set of multiple features. From charging storage to visual viewing, from real-time monitoring to multi-device compatibility, GVM-MIC-LM 2 brings you a whole new experience in the sound field. Let’s explore this magical tool that leads the future of sound. 1, … Read more

GVM microphone: Listen to the sound of a new realm

This blog gives you a comprehensive overview of the GVM-MIC-LM 2 microphone, an audio tool with six great features. From safe track to mid-to-low frequency improvement, GVM-MIC-LM 2 brings you a more refined, stable and safe recording experience. Let’s explore this advanced device that leads the field of sound. 1, safe track: to ensure that … Read more

GVM leads the new trend of single-lamp photographic lighting

This blog will give you insight to GVM’s new and upgraded monolight PRO-SD200B. This lamp is not only an excellent single-lamp LED lighting, but also an all-around lamp that supports a variety of control modes. With its advanced color and temperature control and multi-control mode design, it brings unprecedented flexibility and creative possibilities for photographers. … Read more

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